Uplands International School Debating Championships 21-23 Sept 2018

10 October 2018

Our POWIIS team had three speakers winning top 10 Speakers Award, namely:

a.) Jaena Velten (4th place)
b.) Drew Wong (6th place)
c.) Jia Ying Lim (10th place)

Three of our teams broke into the knockout stages. It is a very good first try for most of them, who are new to the Asian Parliamentary Debate format. They gave a good account of themselves against experienced national level debate teams, in front of adjudicators who were experienced in the world debate scene, and those who were in the top 10 were commended for their outstanding performance and potential for being selected to represent their home country in World Schools Debate.

We look forward to see our young debaters continue to make their mark in tournaments around Malaysia.