Vishal Chopra – Alumni Intern

29 September 2020

Having been a student at POWIIS for four years, to say Powiis has been a huge part of my upbringing as a musician and performer would be an understatement. Throughout the years, I’ve regularly performed on drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar as well as vocals for school events and assemblies and I even had the chance to lead the POWIIS Senior Band in multiple performances outside the school. In 2018, I represented Malaysia and played electric guitar in the World Championship Of Performing Arts in Hollywood, California and came back with 3 gold medals, 1 silver, and the title of Champion Of The World in the instrumental category. I was also a frequent actor in the school’s productions of Macbeth and Bugsy Malone.

In my current position as an intern for the Music and Drama department, not only am I able to revisit a place that has moulded me over the years, but I’m also able to pass on my knowledge and experiences over the years to the other students of the school. I hope to inspire and cultivate an interest in the arts with the students and I look forward to leading any band, music, or drama-based activities as well as any performances in and out of the school. I also hope to use my knowledge as a music producer to help record and produce any performances that would be a part of the school’s annual music album.