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At the Prince of Wales Island International School we understand that a good education arises from strong teaching and a happy and supportive environment.

Provided with the most up to date facilities and a school campus which is both beautiful and well-resourced, the quality of the experience that pupils at the Prince of Wales Island International School can enjoy is further enhanced. Whether using the carefully considered IT provision, one of the nine science labs, the tennis courts or the natural acoustic auditorium, our students’ learning benefit from the thought and planning that has been invested into the structure of the School.

Similarly we aim to deliver the best possible domestic, medical and transport services; important features which make the staff and pupils’ school day easier, letting everyone in the community get on with the main focus of their day.


Taking up the entire top floor of the main building, the science department is an impressive hub of activity.

The design of the laboratories in POWIIS follows a new direction; they are not only spacious and well-equipped, but the first of their kind on the island.

Each of the nine laboratories features two areas: one for class dialogue, theory work and desk-based learning; the other for practical work, experiments and discovery-based learning. Based on the GBP 15 million ‘SciTec’ building at Oundle School in the UK, the design assumes that all science lessons take place in laboratories and it encourages an emphasis on practical work, a more enjoyable way to learn and the foundation of scientific discovery.

Giving pupils proper practical experience in science, art, music and design technology fits with our central aim at POWIIS.


The School’s outstanding natural acoustic auditorium has been specially designed to accommodate classical music, dance, drama, concerts, lectures and seminars.

The auditorium has 500 seats split between the lower stalls and the upper gallery level. The layout had been designed to ensure that every seat gives the best possible view of the stage.

The backstage facilities of the auditorium are generous enough for large performance groups and have been fitted out with changing rooms, showers, make-up rooms, rehearsal and music rooms. The auditorium, equipped with state of the art audio visual and production equipment, gives POWIIS students experience in theatre management and as technical crew, as well as opportunities as performers in music and drama.

In addition to the programme of school concerts and plays, there are performances from touring companies.

Sports Facilities

At POWIIS we recognise the importance of a pupil’s experiences outside the classroom, and how these experiences are integral to education and self-esteem.

Every sporting facility in the School has been designed for purpose to enable every sports person, whether the most experienced or a modest beginner, to satisfy their needs and fulfil their potential.

The School’s multipurpose hall definitely lives up to its name, not only providing an arena for indoor sports and exhibitions, but also serving as a second venue for concerts and events. The hall accommodates, and has specialist lighting for, sports such as indoor football and netball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and dance. The School has additional music and drama areas including a variety of large and small spaces suitable for practice, rehearsals and performances, as well as for class and individual instrumental teaching.

POWIIS has a gymnasium fully equipped with running machines, a cross trainer, bikes, rowing machines, and resistance and free weights.

The School has many outdoor sporting facilities including the 6 lane, 25 metre swimming pool with adjoining changing and shower facilities for boys and girls. Next to the swimming pool are the School’s tennis courts which are flood lit and suitable for tournaments. The most significant outdoor space is the full sized football pitch which is also be used for rugby, cricket and athletics.

Teaching Areas

All classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned and well equipped.

With nine specialist science laboratories, a lecture theatre, dedicated art studios, a design and technology centre with full workshop facilities, and a generous and contemporary provision of IT, much thought has gone into the design of the specialist teaching areas.

Every teaching area is equipped with a SmartBoard (an interactive white board) and wireless connection to the internet through the whole school network enabling safe and responsible access. All pupils have their own laptops that are an integral part of the teaching and learning.

A Cashless Safe Society

Prince of Wales Island International School is the first school in Penang to use multipurpose electronic ID cards.

All staff and students carry a card, used to monitor student attendance and allowing safe and secure access to the buildings and facilities.

The cards are also be used for all in-school purchases including meals and stationery, allowing for a ‘cashless society’ without the need for individuals to carry money.

Boarding Facilities

The boarding accommodation is spacious and well designed and, at capacity, will comfortably house nearly 400 pupils.

Boys and girls are accommodated in separate buildings, the boys currently housed in the South Hall and girls in the East Hall. There being four halls in total. Each hall has apartments for the resident heads and deputy heads of hall. Each hall has two large common rooms, one for recreation fitted with TV, DVD player, Astro and comfortable chairs, the other designed as a quiet work area and library. There are large bathrooms, matrons’ offices, pantries, sick rooms and laundry rooms.

Boarding accommodation is in twin rooms, with a small number of single rooms for allocation to some senior pupils. Furniture for each student includes a bed, a wardrobe, desk, chair and bookshelves. All rooms have air-conditioning controlled by a student’s individual electronic ID card.

Information Technology

All students have access to wireless internet through the school network.

The network is managed and monitored by our internal IT department to ensure that the access is safe and responsible. The students in Years 7-9 receive IT lessons which build on the students’ knowledge of popular software packages and progress to computer programming and website building. Students provide their own devices. Advice can be given on purchasing if required, but a broad range is quite suitable.


POWIIS has impressive music facilities.

Classroom music lessons for Years 7-9 are taught in large music rooms in the heart of the school. One is equipped with a grand piano, full size drum set and audio equipment. The other has an upright piano and further audio equipment. Students are encouraged to use these rooms during their break times and lunch times to practise their instruments.

Another exciting music facility at POWIIS is the school’s auditorium building. As well as providing an impressive performance space that seats an audience of 500, it also houses 10 rehearsal and music rooms. These are small rooms designed for one to one music tuition or for small groups.

The auditorium is designed as a concert hall for classical music, but the acoustics can be tuned for other purposes including drama and lectures. The stage is big enough for a full orchestra.


Meals at the School are taken together in our spacious cafeteria.

A full lunch, with Western, Asian and vegetarian options, is provided daily along with a salad bar, fruits and dessert. Staff and students eat side by side, encouraging relaxed and informal conversation outside of the classroom setting. Every student receives morning and afternoon snacks, whilst boarders are provided with breakfast, dinner and an evening snack in addition to meals taken during School hours.


Our brand new, purpose-built school provides a dynamic learning environment in which students can develop the skills and attributes they need for an ever-changing world. Every feature of the school, both inside and outside, is designed with the children’s learning at the forefront of the architectural vision. From the layout of the spacious classrooms to the outside learning environment and play areas, we have created the perfect mix to suit all learners from Early Years through to our Year 6 students.

At the heart of each school building lies a break-out area housing maker spaces, book corners, technology stations and a variety of imaginative activity centres; these creative and stimulating spaces enable the children to collaborate, explore, learn and develop skills for life. The design allows students to move easily through the spaces inside and outside the classroom. Our outdoor learning environment has been thoughtfully designed to capture our context and ensure our Early Years and Key Stage 1 students learn in a rich, diverse and purposeful landscape that connects, excites and challenges.

The school’s specialist building houses the Art Room, Science and Technology Lab, Music Rooms and Individual Instrumental practice rooms. All year groups have access to these areas, and the specialist teachers, which enable the school to provide richness in the curriculum.

The school’s multi-purpose hall provides the ideal space for the school to come together and celebrate during assemblies, theme days, school plays and family learning events. The practical resources within the space also facilitate and promote a healthy lifestyle through a range of physical activities within PE lessons and extracurricular activities such as Badminton, Taekwondo and Dance.

The large playing field provides ample space for the more energetic student and our 8-lane, 25m swimming pool will ensure all children learn how to be safe and confident in the water.