Meet the Principals

POWIIS is different.

POWIIS is nothing more than the sum of every young person who comes here – the school is its pupils, and each and every one is vital to its success, and its reputation.

We work hard at caring for, and nurturing, every individual with a pastoral care system second to none.

Our academic results are outstanding, but we know success in life is not guaranteed by qualifications alone. We have a vibrant cultural diversity, but we study and communicate in English. Our students work hard at their language development, at the same time developing personal qualities, oratory and performance skills, and social sophistication.

A POWIIS student will leave here ready to face the world with confidence.

Visit us. You will see the power of POWIIS.

POWIIS Principal

Simon Leese

Words from the Principal

Schools are social organisms and as such flourish when connections between students, teachers and parents are strong and positive relationships are fostered and developed across the community. We are committed to ensuring this is a priority at POWIIS Primary. Our students really will be at the heart of all we do and we will ensure that every child is safe, nurtured, known and understood- challenging them to be their best self.

Our rich, broad curriculum with a commitment to Mandarin, sport, technology and the performing and creative arts will help develop articulate, confident, well-rounded children prepared for the ever-changing world they live in. We want our students to experience the excitement of discovering that they are capable of achieving more than they thought possible; we will encourage them to embrace new opportunities and help them to develop resilience and perseverance along the way. Our extra-curricular programme will feature activities such as Model United Nations, Taekwondo and chess alongside a range of sporting opportunities and a flourishing programme of creative and expressive arts, including drama, orchestras and choirs.

Great facilities and an exciting, relevant curriculum are important but the single most important aspect of schooling is your child’s wellbeing. I trust through the care, encouragement and support we give your child, and the enjoyment they are having, I will see them running into school quicker than they run out.

Should you require any further information about the school please do not hesitate to contact me.

POWIIS Primary Principal

Marcus Sherwood