World Book Day 2021

7 April 2021

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. The mission is to promote reading for pleasure as reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than a child’s family circumstances, parents’ educational background, or income. It aims to help more children build a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them. Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their future success and it’s fun for all involved.

March 4th, 2021 celebrates World Book Day and we at POWIIS have been celebrating all week with competitions, author academies, and lots of fun activities. Teachers have been sharing their love of reading with their students by reading extracts of their favorite books in class and students have been sharing their love of reading with discussions in tutor time, as well as special WBD English lessons.

For more information on World Book Day and lots of fun resources and reading ideas for all ages, go to www.worldbookday.com. You can find lots of information about how to promote reading for pleasure in the family home and resources to make reading fun.