Year 2 Learning – “World Travel” in Australia

5 July 2021

Exploring Australia with a ‘holiday on wheels’, the Year 2s took to the road to take in the sights and culture of this vast land. Students were able to choose out of four amazing activities. They could:

– Design a floor plan of a ‘home on wheels’ that you would like to drive around Australia in.
– Use a design of a ‘home on wheels’ to make a model of the inside or outside (or both) of the vehicle. (You could use construction toys, craft supplies or recycled materials).
– Go camping with their family in their ‘mobile’ home.
– Set up somewhere to sleep using a tent or sheet.
– Cook Australian Damper.
– Play board games or sing songs with your family – (Screen Free Fun)
– Create an ‘Indigenous inspired’ artwork as a souvenir of your virtual tour around Australia using symbols, dots and lines.

Here are some amazing examples of their dream vehicles presented by the students:

Holiday on Wheels: https://youtu.be/q10b4xXW6J8
Camp Car: https://youtu.be/261ItelOr2o