Year 7 students learning about film editing

22 July 2021

During the recent MCO, the Year 7 drama students have been learning about film editing and how to utilise the resources they have at home in order to create a Disney-inspired music video. Students first picked their favourite Disney song, created a storyboard that determined the locations around their house and the type of camera angles to use. They then had to learn how to mime and lip-sync to their chosen song to then film themselves and then start the long process of editing. It was fantastic to see family members joining in and helping with the filming, a true family affair! In an evaluation after the performance some of the comments the students made were:

‘I like that we are being exposed to all parts of filmmaking’

‘The thing I liked most about the Disney Film Project was being able to do it with my brother because I don’t spend a lot of time with him and it was also really fun doing it.