Year 9 Battle of The Bands

3 July 2019

Battle of the Bands, one of our most anticipated events. Yr 9 Finals took to the stage today and performed to a packed audience. The lineup included:

Yang Vocals
Nicholas Drums
Jia Xing Bass
Alycia Keyboard
Justin Electric Guitar
Jaena Electric Guitar

20% Talent 80% Work 
Ping Xuan Vocals
Mio Drums
Nuttanicha Bass
Hong Yue Piano

Villace & the Chipmunks 
Jocelyn Piano/Vocals
Leo Drums
Ian Bass
Lucajoe Electric Guitar
Villace Acoustic Guitar

The Lab Rats 
Amber Vocals
Karthik Drums
Crystal Piano
Shuo Acoustic Guitar

22 Pilots 
Kelly Vocals
Primus Launchpad
Bryan Drums
Kah Weai Piano

Metallica, comprising our teachers from POWIS