With significant experience of boarding in the UK, we know the special value a boarding education offers.

At the Prince of Wales Island International School there is full, seven days-a-week boarding, but also weekly boarding (where the pupil lives in the school Monday to Friday, returning home at weekends) and flexi-boarding, when (space permitting) pupils can stay for just one night or several to suit their needs.

We know that children who board become more self-sufficient and independent, that they enjoy their time at school surrounded by their friends and classmates, and the extended access to staff and facilities in school enables them to have an enriched and more complete experience of all that the Prince of Wales Island International School has to offer. Weekly boarding, in many ways, is an ideal compromise, providing a structured time at school, with vastly reduced travel times and costs, and regular time at home at weekends.

We also recognise that, for some, the challenge of living away from home may be daunting. With the support of the residential staff, matrons, housemasters, housemistresses and tutors, the settling in period soon passes, and any problems can be detected and resolved.

Our boarding accommodation is spacious and well designed. Boys and girls are accommodated in separate buildings, largely in double rooms, though some single accommodation will be available for senior pupils.