POWIIS Tanjung Bungah recognises that our students represent a diverse range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

  • Mandarin (Pu Tong Hua) is the mother tongue/first language;
  • Speak a related Chinese dialect (typically Hokkien/Cantonese) and may have been educated in a Chinese curriculum school (Hua Xiao华小) prior to coming to POWIIS Tanjung Bungah;
  • Korean and Japanese students who are familiar with Chinese-based orthography;
  • Mandarin is a new language (though not necessarily their second language).

Our two-track approach with the distinct curriculum is the best way to accommodate our diverse learners.

Mandarin as a Foreign/Second Language (MFL/MSL)

Mandarin for Native or Near-Native Speakers (MNN

  • Student placement is met through a collaborative effort between teacher recommendation, placement assessments, student interests and needs.
  • Each stream embraces a unique set of standards, benchmarks and assessment tools in addition to a differentiated emphasis of oral proficiency and literacy.

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