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POWIIS Arts Academy launched in August 2023, as a specialist addition to our POWIIS programme.

POWIIS Arts Academy will eventually cater for students who have aspirations and talents in all four major strands of the arts – music, drama, art and design, and dance; our first cohort is focusing on students who have a talent or passion for music.

POWIIS Arts Academy (music strand)

Our Arts Academy (music strand) programme, exclusively open to POWIIS Balik Pulau students, is a specialist programme for those who wish to immerse themselves in music alongside their studies at POWIIS. Students of the Arts Academy (music strand) have access to exclusive opportunities, excellent facilities, renowned experts and specialist pathways that support their journey to musical excellence.

Arts Academy (music strand) students not only receive rigorous training in their chosen musical instrument(s), but also attend regular workshops and masterclasses, led by renowned experts in their field, and are exposed to an array of opportunities to perform, and participate in trips, camps and activities with other musically-gifted students.

Our academy’s music programme focuses on the development of technical proficiency skills, advanced musical understanding and appreciation, ensemble playing, and honing performance skills. Through the academy programme, students are consistently working with renowned professional artists who support them to cultivate their musical skills and enhance their ability to think critically through professional conversation with our highly qualified team.

Our music academy programme is tailor made to nurture the development of career-related skills such as marketing, networking and entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal is to help your child achieve their musical ambitions, whether that be performing professionally, teaching, composing, producing or any other career path involving music. As a graduate of the POWIIS Arts Academy, your child will be well equipped to succeed in the highly competitive arts and creative industries.

Who can enrol in the POWIIS Arts Academy?

The Arts Academy is exclusive to students of POWIIS Balik Pulau. Any student (or prospective student) in years 7 to 13 who has a talent or passion for music is welcome to audition for a place.

How much does it cost?

Please see our schedule of fees; scholarships are available for students with exceptional talents.

Does my child have to board to be part of the POWIIS Arts Academy?

No, both boarders and day students are equally welcome, although our boarders do enjoy after-hours access to our music facilities, enabling extended practice and rehearsals.

To find out more or to arrange an audition, please contact [email protected]

The POWIIS Arts Academy (music strand) programme – at a glance

Key elements of the programmePOWIIS StudentsPOWIIS Arts Academy Students
Music lessons as part of the curriculum
Opportunities to perform in schoolPriority access
Opportunities to perform representing the schoolPriority access
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinationsPayableIncluded*
Trinity College London examinationsPayableIncluded*
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinationsPayableIncluded*
Private music lessons and coachingPayableIncluded*
Masterclasses by professional artistsPayableIncluded*
Workshops by professional artistsPayableIncluded*
Two week summer campPayableIncluded*
Participation in the school productionSubject to auditionPriority access
Participation in the school productionIncluded*
Overseas arts tripIncluded*
University/conservatoire networking opportunitiesIncluded*
Internship opportunities with music industry professionalsIncluded*


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